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As an international Intuitive, Medium & Clairvoyant... I work virtually all over the world. 


For me ‘Mediumship’ is a natural by-product of self healing & self discovery.  Intuition on a heightened level.  Stretching the senses to allow energy to amplify to a greater level. 


Living in Oxfordshire, I offer online or in-person one-to-one readings.  I also work on platform, attend online live events, work at MBS & Wellbeing Fairs around the country, run various development groups, design, and deliver workshops nationally & internationally.        

On much deeper level, 'Mediumship' enables me to connect with a person’s psyche in a different way to coaching.  Grief for instance affects people differently.  It can be debilitating especially when emotions are heightened.  The validation I give can bring confidence, understanding, or a wider perspective of a situation bringing immediate relief.  I feel blessed to work as an International Medium as it allows me to connect with so many different individuals on so many levels... For some, that one moment gets them on their way and back on track.  For others it could be a deeper-rooted issue that requires coaching...

​​I connect online or face-to-face (FtF) to bring messages through to the present moment.  I can help you understand present situations, bring guidance and support from your loved ones in spirit.  I also use a playing cards as an intuitive tool.  Taught to me from a young age, cards are a great tool to bring focus to a situation; especially if that situation is particularly difficult in the present moment. 


What to expect from a one-to-one reading:  We agree a time/date and desired digital platform or destination if FtF.   You will receive an invoice or payment link along with a confirmation email.  When it’s time I will call you for your reading/or be at an agreed location.


If you want to explore or deepen your own understanding of mediumship, please see workshop link in services.  Or message me to see what opportunities are available...

Disclaimer: Please remember readings should be viewed as being for entertainment purposes only and in no way replaces proper legal, financial or medical advice.  This is your life and no amount of belief in fate/destiny can override your will.  Messages reflect what is to come unless you change the path.  Predictions are patterns of likelihood and are dependent on you.  Know that nothing is fixed as freewill can always intervene.  And as such, any prediction is just about giving you knowledge and an opportunity to bring about desired change ♥ 

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