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Intuitive Life Coaching & Mentoring

My objective is to keep you focused on achieving your goal... Helping drive your life forward…

in the most positive way...

Using a specifically designed Six Step Process (SSP) together we identify with your true sense of self, life mission, and purpose...  We explore all concerns head on to bring about a definite and desired conclusion.  

SSP adapts to you... allowing it to be tailored to your needs.  A process that can be effective in everyday use. 

​Maybe you…

  • Are at a crossroads or just feel stuck

  • Have a deeper sense of wanting change but unsure where to start

  • Want to achieve a goal and need support

  • Want to understand more about YOU and your purpose

  • Just feel burnt out


​Whatever the reason… using this specifically designed Six Step Process (SSP) I can help you capitalise on your own uniqueness to achieve your desired outcome either professionally, personally, or both. 

Our dreams, ideas, aspirations, and goals can change… and often do...  They can stay unrealised and left on a hypothetical shelf within our mind.  Not because we don’t believe in them but because we don’t always believe in ourselves enough to manifest them into the present.  Unrealised ideas and dreams can become lost opportunities and missed goals.  We sometimes hide sub-conscious parts of ourselves which in turn can mask issues we don’t realise exist.  When we resist or avoid dealing with issues, they can become compact within the psyche.  Life’s baggage can build up and in turn we can burn out...


Working through the SSP process you understand:

  • How you tick

  • Your goal and how to stay focused on it

  • Any limiting beliefs that restrict you acquiring your goal

  • Life’s blocks - how to identify and eliminate

  • How to stand in your power

  • When and how you give your power away

  • Your energy and how it interacts with others

  • What really drives you

  • How to listen to YOU and recognise mind chatter


As your Intuitive Life Coach & Mentor I will:

  • Be the voice of reason

  • Support you throughout the process

  • Empower you in finding your own purpose

  • Help you set and achieve goals

  • Give you structure, tools to achieve your desired outcome


​Life is sometimes difficult... Now and then we need help...  We can all learn, grow, and adapt to change when we know how…

​When we understand ourselves better, we tend to have greater clarity for our outlook; and beyond that, more able to embrace and celebrate the individual differences within us all.  It is liberating to absolutely understand that no-one’s journey is the same as yours, and realise that we are shaped by, and a reflection of, an individual life experience.   So, there is no one way to do, understand or experience anything other than YOUR own way... Which is why methods I use used are tailored to YOU...

​I am not here to tell you what to do, but to help and guide you in your journey.  To help you bring about self-belief and a better understanding of how you tick... A greater realisation, belief, and awareness that YOU already have of all the answers that you seek...

 I feel it is important for us both to be sure that we fit as coach/coachee so please take advantage of a complimentary 15 min telephone/video match - please complete the form below.

Choose the service that suits you - online such as Skype/Zoom or face-to-face... or a combination of both… Prices vary depending on needs & travel.  Concessions are available for block bookings.  Please complete the form below.  I aim to respond within 24 hours.

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