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Diane Lytollis BA (hons)
International Intuitive & Professional Life Coach

What is ‘Intuitive Coaching’ and how is it different to any other coaching?

Of course, my objective is the same as any coach.  Keep you focused on your goal and support you in achieving it.  The difference is the way I use my intuition and certain intuitive processes.

So how does the intuitive part help?  If I asked you a question you would consciously react or respond.  But people also unconsciously respond at the same time.  This is what I am looking for.  The unconscious responses!  This tells me what are you really saying?  What do you really want? And what may be hindering your progression or way forward.

As your Certified Professional Life Coach and Mentor, I intuitively help you identify with your true sense of self, mission, and purpose... removing barriers to success and finding solutions to bring about desired change... As I quickly intuit the root cause of issues, they are brought to the surface to be addressed and dealt with so they no longer block you and your progress.  

For confidential professional life coaching consultations please take advantage of a complimentary 15 min telephone/video match. Please complete the form below. 

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Professionally or Personally... helping people identify and remove life’s blocks...   


About Me

My intuitive work is my passion, and this is reflected in the support and mentorship I offer, especially in my coaching & self-development work.


I see life as an opportunity to learn, grow and pay forward.  I feel blessed and privileged to do the work I love.  I know how to manage change and adapt so I support others to do that too.  Being part of another’s journey and seeing people progress is so rewarding.  We can all get stuck or struggle.  We all want to push ahead and achieve the best from life but sometimes we don’t know how.  I know intuitively identifying issues works well but I also know we don’t just need answers… we need solutions…  That’s what I do.  I offer support, quickly intuit solutions, and provide a space where individuals can work on fixing themselves or their issues.   To see people progressively unfold in front of my eyes is proof enough that I am doing my job.  As an international intuitive, medium, and professional life coach I align all my senses to collectively help others tap into theirs.

Working intuitively to help people identify and remove life’s blocks is so rewarding and what I do best… 

​I now consult, train and coach others to recognise their own intuitive self by paying attention to their own important subtle signs and signals.  I use my intuition, sensitivity, and empathic nature to empower people in a way that helps them move forward.  

I live in the UK with my family near Oxford but work virtually all over the world

True self... the foundation of inner optimism and enthusiasm for life…  who you really are behind the layers of doubt and uncertainty…


Contact Me:

I aim to respond via email within 24 hours

All services are online, face-to-face, or a combination of both.

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