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Self Development / Workshops

Workshops are about participating, experiencing and enjoyment... 


I offer a host of online & in-person dynamic and engaging workshops that are designed & delivered in a practical supportive style.  I offer a safe space for self-development & self-exploration with other likeminded people.  Participant numbers will be limited to aid group focus and understanding. 

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Workshops in 2022

Therapeutic Art Online / DATE ... Presently arranging

  • It is very revealing and exciting

  • Art is a manifestation or creation of someone’s self-expression

  • Art is not good or bad but dependant on individual taste and perception

  • This is a day about you understanding you

  • Its not what you reflect on paper but the way you reflect you to the world

  • We are all uniquely unique

  • The more you’re able to self-express the more creative you become.  Not just in art but also in life

  • Self-expression can be restricted by self-limiting actions or inner limitations


Development Day / Saturday 30th July 

  • MORNING: 10am till 12:30pm – Healing & Positive Introspection

  • AFTERNOON: 1:15pm till 3:45pm – Mediumship and Psychic Connections


  • 10:00am / 12:15pm

  • Introductions

  • What in ‘Positive Introspection’

  • Guided Meditation – ‘Opening up to the Senses'

  • How Blocks Hinder You and Your Connections

  • Guided Meditation – ‘Removing Blocks'

12:15 Break for Lunch/Discussions

  • 1pm - 3:15pm

  • 'Psychic v Mediumship'

  • Guided Meditation – ‘Guide Connection'

  • Practise / Using tools to strengthen connections

  • Guided Meditation – ‘Spirit Connection’

  • Practise / Interpreting the Connections

3:45pm Summary/Grounding Meditation

NB: For more information - See notes below

Notes for In-person Workshops

  • Location of each workshop is OX29 8BJ (Long Hanborough just outside of Witney)

  • Plenty of onsite parking

  • £40 per workshop (paid in advance and upon confirmation of your place)

  • 10am to 3:30pm unless otherwise stated (please arrive 9:45)

  • Bring packed lunch

  • Tea/coffee and snacks provided

  • All tools/materials are provided


Therapeutic Art | Online / In-person

More dates coming in the Autumn...

Sound Healing | In-person only

More dates coming Autumn...

Reiki Courses are ongoing with different groups at different levels.  Joining a group helps keep individual costs down although you can do this individually if you choose.


Certified Reiki Courses Available | (Click for more info)

  • Includes Attunements and Certificate

  • Reiki Level One, Two, Three & Master Teacher

Group Dates:

  • 23rd July fully Booked

  • 25th September / 2 Places Left

  • 23rd October / 2 places Left

Please message me for other dates not advertised

Psychic/Mediumship Development Circle | Online Group & In-person Locally

  • Working with & Development of your Clair-Senses

  • Connecting to Guides

  • Meditation

  • Building Energy

  • Practice with tools such as cards & Crystals

If you are Interested in Joining a Circle Please Complete the Form Below

I look forward to connecting with you soon…  

What is Self-development?

Before you can develop, you need to know what it is you are developing.  If this is about self as in ‘self-development’, you need to know what ‘self’ is.  Who you are? Understand yourself and what it is about you needs to adjust so that it can be considered development.  If you accept that you must change then you must accept that there is something within you that needs change.  Not that you’re changing something within you that’s wrong, but more that it no longer fits in with your present self... All workshops compliment and align with all self-development, self-healing, and inner-growth processes as well as offering the support needed to address thoughts and emotions that may surface throughout the course. 

Click Here For You Tube Online Meditations

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