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Here's what a few clients said about Diane...

Luis Melendez Jr, UK. “I’ve lost count over the years as to how many times Diane’s spiritual readings have proven amazingly accurate in relation to life direction, always working to ‘nudge me along’ the intended path, whenever fear and doubt was proving stronger than faith and trust in my intuition.  Able to see what I can only describe as 'spiritual blind spots’ - even amongst advanced spiritual practitioners, her Soul connection Is pure, gentle and very loving, Diane can be reliably trusted when you find yourself at a life crossroad, in need of spiritual insight, when you’re struggling with grief or extreme hardship or when you simply need that extra top-up of inspiration.”

Elaine Czyzewski, Maryland USA. "Diane I want to thank you for your time yesterday. I know I took more time than is normally allotted. You were a god send for me. After we ended, I felt so much peace and a sense of closure. Feelings I haven’t known for years. You answered so many questions for me that I hadn’t asked and gave me so much understanding of things that were confusing me. I didn’t realize all this until after we ended the call and I had time to think over everything. I didn’t get to sleep until the early hours because of the feeling of relief and happiness. When I did get to sleep it was a deep and restful. I woke up about 5 hours later feeling light and happy. There aren’t words enough to express the gratitude and appreciation for you. Soon I would like to discuss with you how to get back in touch with my gifts. I’m sure I have a million more questions to ask you. If this is something that you would be willing to help me with in the future."

Julie Kelly, UK.  "It was only when I met Di and we connected that I realised how important this life journey is for all of us.  Clearing, developing, and experiencing all there is to be learned and gained on so many levels is incredibly valuable"

Jayne Barrett, USA.  “Diane is so amazing; she did a one to one reading for me which was amazing, and I can highly recommend her.”

Katie Demain, UK.  I have known Diane for over a decade. She has a very special, natural gift. I've done two programs with her; one weekend and one week-long on retreat, within which she did readings for all participants. Her ability to not only give amazing readings (that never cease to amaze me because of their accuracy) and to teach what she knows in a very practical way is why I will continue to learn from Diane.”

Helen Flanagan, USA. “Thank you Diane for an awesome reading today. I have to say you were so extraordinarily on point omg it was unbelievable. I felt like I was speaking to a friend really. Thank you for your insight and really the clarity you brought to my current situation. I do hope to come to the UK and if lucky enough get to meet you!!”

Sue Jenkins, UK.  “Witney Spiritualist Church has invited Diane as our guest Medium many times and the evenings have been wonderful. Diane is a very good Medium and brings such care and tranquillity in the delivery of her beautiful communication from the Spirit World.”

Wendy Short, UK.  “Thank you so much Diane for your undeniable insight. Absolutely marvellous guidance and such a help.”

Eileen Crane, UK.  “Diane is an amazing medium. I have had messages from loved ones during church services and more recently via zoom. These have helped me through difficult times. Truly a lovely lady. Eileen. Carterton.”

Julie Dean, UK.  “I have had a number of readings from Diane over many years now and she is so good!! Her wonderful connection with spirit allows her to be very accurate, at the same time being friendly, kind, understanding and approachable. I have always come away feeling that I have had a good reading and plenty to think about'”

Alison Turner, UK. “I have known Diane several years, from when she ran Magenta cafe, but also joined her circle and to have tuition on medium ship. She has a wonderful persona to encourage and make you feel at home.”

Ibeth Ramos Ayala, Canada.  “Working with Diane was a blessing at the start of my journey. Working with Diane is still a blessing now. Her gifts, knowledge and experience provide a safe and transparent space.”

Cris Andrews, Deer Spirit Events UK. “Diane is a popular reader at our MBS shows. She is knowledgeable, approachable, professional, and always provides an excellent service to our customers”

Bognor Regis Spiritualist Centre UK. Wow! You were brilliant, thank you so much, messages from loved ones were spot on. Thank you so much. Debbie & Steve.xx

Dorothy, Edinburgh, UK.  I had a reading with Diane.  Can I say she is amazing - didn't ask for names or dates of birth just the area of the problem. She was able to explain something that I was confused about and have been for some time, she answered all my questions I think I was meant to go to Diane, she put it in such simple terms.  She said it was my choice to carry on, although if meant for me it would happen. Thank you.

Catherine from the west Coast, USA.  "Between public events I have attended and private one to one readings I have had, I have witnessed hundreds of readings. I came across Diane's name on an event website and something told me to contact her. I felt good about her while speaking to her, so decided to book a session. The one thing that stood out to me is that she told me that I could choose who I wanted to come through and communicate with. No one has ever said this before. Every time I have witnessed readers say that whoever comes through comes through and that is who we hear from. They all said that we cannot choose who we communicate with. So when Diane told me that I could choose, though I had always heard otherwise, I felt that she was telling the truth, so I was optimistic that this would be the case. I was pleasantly surprised when she did indeed bring forward the loved one that I wanted most to hear from. He had passed less than a year ago as well. (I have heard a good number of times that if someone had passed you might not be able to communicate with them for perhaps a couple of years.) Diane knew nothing about me and we had never met. We had a session by phone. I was thrilled to hear from him. Every word and detail that she gave me was spot on. There was a good amount of detail. She even said a couple things, stating first that it didn't make sense , but this is what she was being told. To me it made perfect sense and was 100% accurate. She is such a lovely person and is truly gifted in what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in having a reading. She is the real deal, as they say. She was a pleasure to deal with and was true to her word in allowing me to communicate with the loved one that I love so dearly. 

Thank you Diane, for such an amazing reading. It was also so wonderful to hear how happy he was. That meant so much to me.

Alison Paltridge, The Healing Festival, Somerset. Thank you so much for the amazing reading today at the Healing Weekend. So accurate and amazing.

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