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The Introspective Healer

Becoming 'an introspective healer' is all about ‘you’ embarking on a sensational journey of self-discovery and self-excavation.  You become your own personal archaeologist as you discover archaic components within the psyche or inner self that can impact your life force, rendering feelings of being stuck, out of balance, blocked and debilitated.  You will be encouraged to question and challenge your concept of self, happiness, freedom, potential, self-restriction and beyond.  To identify and bring absolute awareness to the life you are building by testing the very strength of its foundations.  Processes used support your digression from the extrospective norm, or outside world, allowing you to create a space within where you identify the redundant energy that requires elimination, balance, and healing.  Exploring the intricacies of your psyche will unearth many antiquated emotions, issues, and dense layers and as such, this is not an easy journey.    However, it is the most worthwhile journey you can take in this life time...

‘I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become’. Carl Jung

Jungian Therapy

As a Jungian Therapist I use alternative techniques to assist you in the process of inner healing.  You become the 'introspective healer'. 


It is our own responsibility and choice to heal. Just imagine having a wound on your leg that becomes infected.  A doctor may prescribe medication that will assist the healing, but it is your choice to take the medication.  If a doctor tells you to rest a sprained ankle it is your choice to rest and recover.  Thus healing is our choice and responsibility and something only we can do ourselves. 


Jungian therapy, sometimes known as Jungian analysis, is an in-depth, analytical form of talk therapy designed to bring together the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind to help a person feel balanced and whole.

Techniques include: Dream analysis and interpretation as a way of exploring the unconscious aspects of your mind. You may be asked to keep a dream journal and bring this with you to therapy for discussion. Other creative techniques to help explore the unconscious may be used, like drawing or painting.

Jungian therapy is a type of in-depth, talk-based psychoanalytic therapy. During therapy, you are encouraged to explore, and bring together, the unconscious and conscious aspects of your experience.

Jungian therapists generally use the term "unconscious" to refer to everything in your experience that you are not currently actively aware of. The unconscious may be explored by examining your dreams, memories or daydreams. The aim of this exploration is to bring unconscious aspects into your conscious awareness, therefore deepen your understanding of yourself and improving your wellbeing. The intensive nature of treatment is one of the main factors that distinguishes Jungian therapy from other therapy types. 

Carl Jung stated, ‘I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become’.  I have long held the belief that there is no destiny.  Nothing mysterious or magic that makes something happen.  We all have freewill and thus responsible for ourselves.  Accountable for all choices, actions, and reactions.  How can something happen beyond our own will if we haven’t allowed, subscribed, or committed to it.  Therefore, if we accept, we are solely responsibility for life, we must acknowledge we have choice or freewill.  Granted life does pose some restrictions but it is us who initially has responsibility for our choice, action, and reaction.  Equally introspective healing requires these same three facets to be firmly enacted to achieve the inner restorative benefits on a desired heightened level where you are making recognisable improvements in life.


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